Standard EN ISO 15620:2000

Aviatec benefits from unique management of a QA system that performs measurements and indicates pressure and RPM. This makes our production thoroughly documented due to the all-mechanical control.

In the event of any deviation from the reference data, the quality system issues an alarm that prevents further production without a decision being made by the machine operator or customer.

Aviatec applies quality control as a natural part of the production process. At Aviatec, we have further developed the built-in mechanical quality control that manages and monitors welding, so that we are currently able to have the documentation printed graphically as well as in table form.

Naturally, Aviatec customers may also request a final test according to individually adapted programmes for particularly complex materials. This could be tensile or bend tests in accordance with EU norms EN 15620:2000

This way, your customers are also guaranteed that they will always receive a product meeting the agreed criteria and specifications. You also avoid difficult complaints, which can be expensive as well as require considerable resources, entailing the risk of losing customers.