Friction welding allows us to achieve a number of advantages in the food industry – including very hygienic and easy-to-clean solutions as well as flexible designs – ensuring, on the one hand, savings on material and, on the other, reduced labour costs and processing time.By combining different materials (see options under Material combinations) and dimensions, material costs are reduced without compromising on strength.

Friction welding ensures elimination of pores, cracks and other unhygienic hiding places for bacteria formation. This is the only known welding method representing complete compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, including FDA and EFSA regulations for food manufacturers.

Our production is thoroughly documented using high-tech control equipment, ensuring unparalleled quality control and quality.

Aviatec typically supplies valves, pump shafts, blanks and actuators for the food industry – moving parts as well as fixed components.

We always welcome the opportunity to develop new items in close collaboration with our customers. Please contact us for further information.