The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) develops standards within hygienic design for the food industry. A number of the food scandals that have emerged over the years have been caused in part by lack of hygienic design.

Therefore, the focus of the EHEDG is on creating recommendations to ensure that the process industry always applies ‘best practice’ so that the end consumers are always ensured the highest food safety available in the market.

The EHEDG has approx. 800 members, all benefitting from the advice and recommendations issued by the EHEDG.

Aviatec has provided the food industry with hygienic solutions for many years, and the welding committee of the EHEDG has therefore asked Aviatec to prepare a recommendation for future friction welding standards for the food industry. This recommendation must be completed by spring 2013.

For further information about EHEDG, please visit their website, or contact Aviatec.