Flexibility, precision and credibility are the three core values for Aviatec, which we strive to achieve.

Aviatec has worked with friction welding for close to 30 years and represents the greatest expertise in this area in Denmark.

Previously, friction welding was unknown to most professionals in Denmark, but Aviatec has seen considerable growth in recent years, in Denmark as well as on our export markets. Exports represent 75% of Aviatec’s revenue.

The latest expansion of our machinery has enabled us to take on even larger and more complex jobs. We have invested in new CNC robotic processing machines from OKUMA, as well as a CNC robotic machine from DMG Mori, enabling Aviatec to deliver total solutions to our customers, i.e. material procurement, shortening, friction welding, finishing, storage and delivery directly for warehousing or production. Our customers can consequently decide to purchase the full package or whatever elements they require. We adapt each agreement individually to customer requirements.

Aviatec’s machinery also includes our first welding machine, which has been continuously developed to a current total capacity of 50 tonnes. In addition, Aviatec procured another 50-tonnes Thompson machine in 2007 and yet another 40-tonnes machine in 2011. All of these machines feature state-of-the-art controlled hydraulics and data capture with alarms and blocking. This ensures extremely detailed and complete documentation of a uniform quality defined on the basis of test welds.